Keith and Diane Hughes are a husband and wife team, best friends, business partners, travel buddies, food lovers and wellness entrepreneurs. Keith is a professionally trained Gourmet Chef and Diane is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. They have both gone through physical, health and life transformations of their own and have now dedicated their lives to working with individuals struggling with weight loss and/or looking to improve their overall health while empowering them to create an improved lifestyle filled with health, fitness, happiness and balance. Their mission is to make health and fitness simple, be a seed of hope that change is possible and help you reach your health and fitness goals so you can live the life you deserve and create a life you love. They have helped many individuals living busy lifestyles incorporate wellness solutions into their daily lives, creating long-term success and positive changes in their clients weight, health and life. Check out their individual stories and transformation photos below! 





Through our individual transformations and journey together, we realized that there was more to life than the life we were living.  In 2014, we found ourselves burned out professionally, emotionally, mentally and hungry for life. 

At the time we lived in Downtown San Francisco, CA, our lives were   consumed by work, we had successful yet extremely demanding careers, a crazy travel schedule, we had everything we wanted but there was something missing . We realized we had no quality of life. In fact, we had no life at all! We literally only saw each other 2 days a week. 

It wasn’t until, Diane began to encounter severe health complications do to her excessive work hours, travel schedule and stress that her doctor told her if she didn’t “slow down” that she was going to have a stroke within the year (she was 36). At this point, we began to take a real hard look at the quality of our life, we had overcome so many obstacles individually and together that we decided it was time to celebrate our victories.  We decided to leave our careers, sell everything, re-awaken our dreams, follow our passions and set off on a voyage to explore the world together and create a life and business we love!  


This was the birth of FIT Hughes!  We had a vision of building an online business with a purpose! We wanted to build something beautiful and meaningful where we could combine our passions for wellness, health, fitness and food, be a positive influence, add value to others, help people realize their true potential and provide men and women the tools they need to transform their lives and achieve their goals as we had done for ourselves.  

Our mission is to be a seed of hope that change is possible in any area of your life. We hope to inspire and help you reach your health, fitness and wellness goals so you can live the life you deserve and create a life you love. 

Current Location: Mexico